Perpa Trade Center with its location, size, contribution to economy, the number of people inside and social responsibility projects is a one big block of structure integrated with Global World Trade.

At a place known as “Perşembe Pazarı” in 1986, by discharging this place and to gather this energy in a social center with a high economic potential and to find solutions to merchants issues construction of Perpa was established in 1986. Today Perpa is a modern business center that provides convenience for people around it. Istanbul and Turkey’s rising proud Perpa is a massive structure that writes it’s name to the future of our world trade in gold letters. 

PERPA Trade Center is built on a 108,526 square meters of land and covers about 40,000 square meters. In total PERPA Trade Center consists of 14 floors and 660,000 square meters of indoor space and it is managed by two different managements in the same structure called A and B. Management of common areas like parking lot, security, parks and gardens' maintenance is the responsibility of Executive Committee Directorate of Perpa which is formed by tree members of A and B managements and one auditor. According to General Assembly of Homeowners, A Block and B Block managements formed by 1 president 2 vice Presidents, 8 board members, and 2 auditors selected for 2 years. Perpa formed from two adjacent block as A Block and B block, has 4655 work place reached it's 90% of utilization capacity. Around 25000 employees work in these businesses. During the day Perpa's population reaches between 75000 to 80000 people.

Ataturk Airport is 20 minutes away, the Bosphorus Bridge is 10 minutes away, Şişli and Taksim is 10 minutes away from PERPA so being built at a center to relieve the city’s traffic has made an enormous contribution to modern urbanism.

PERPA Trade Center has around trading capacity of 50 city and it provides a major portion of the tax amount paid in Istanbul. PERPA is the only business district with a post Office (PTT). In order to facilitate the business life of PERPA employees, modern communication systems such as ADSL, Cable TV, superonline are used. In addition, government agencies such as Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Agriculture Provincial Directorate, The Chamber of Electrical Engineers, The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Trade Registry Office, Masjid, Notaries, Banks operate at PERPA. Inside PERPA, various firms on different sectors such as electrical and electronics, lighting, hardware and machinery operate. Thus, customers can able to find everything they are looking for while doing market research.

PERPA Trade Center has 24 pedestrian elevator, 12 freight elevators and 16 escalators. Daily car circulation is between 12000 - 13000 and there are outdoor parking space with 1500 car parking capacity and parking garage with 2000 car parking capacity, in total 3500 car can park inside the parking space at the same time. In addition to this 2.5 ton trucks can reach these floors.In the Middle East and the Balkans, PERPA is the largest mono block trade center with it’s 46 km pedestrian walkways and 38 km road. 1.2.3. floors’ half are parking garage and 4. 7. and 10. floors have loading and unloading areas. Until yesterday PERPA was an issue with it’s problems but now PERPA is a center of attraction of the social and business life with it’s permanent solutions and created value. PERPA, together with 25 years of history and continuing renewal process, will become the largest service brand of social and business life combining modernism, quality, trust and success.